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  • Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

    “I have always been very inquisitive and curious about people,” she says. “My tendency, when I am talking to people, is...

    UncategorizedRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • Psyched For Urban Exploration!

    For years, an urban adventure must-see was one of Philadelphia’s most notorious and embarrassing shames: The State Hospital at Byberry.

    PastRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • From Boomtown to Bust: the Sky is Now the Limit.

    In his memoir, “Nothin’ But Blue Skies,” Ted draws on a combination of personal memoirs and solid facts to illustrate the...

    ConundrumRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • Why Coke Is Still The Real Thing

    The history of Coca Cola is so long, intriguing, complicated and unpredictable that historian Mark Pendegrast had to create a third...

    PastRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • Allan Sherman – Overweight Sensation

    Long before the Seventies, when “Kiss Me, I’m Italian” and “Black is Beautiful” T-shirts, as well as crucifixes and Jewish ‘chai...

    PastRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • Downtown’s Dead

    At one time, downtown was the height of modernity. Now, in many cities, it’s gone. Detroit is only the beginning. Watch...

    ConundrumRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • Weird NJ: Strange things growing in the Garden State.

    You’re from Jersey? If so, you most likely have a weird story to share with this beloved website. Two Marks have...

    NewsRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • Mary Pickford, Alpha Female

    Ahead of her time, this actor/producer understood the power of movies before the menfolk could squash her dreams. Mary Pickford was...

    MoviesRonald SklarSeptember 16, 2013
  • The Last of the Doughboys Speak Out

    Over here, World War I vets recall the Great War, while we learn about life at age 100. World War II...

    PastRonald SklarAugust 31, 2013
  • A-oh, Nao! The Phiwwwy accent is goa-ing, goa-ing, goah-yin!

    Translation: Oh, no! The Philly accent is going, going, gone!  But Sean Monahan keeps the disappearing dialect alive via YouTube. Philly...

    NewsRonald SklarAugust 31, 2013